TV: Pitbull Reality Bites on RTE2

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TV: Pitbull Reality Bites on RTE2

Mindful March - I'm on a lead because... - Ollie's Petcare - Ireland

Mindful March – I’m on a lead because…. with Dog Furiendly!

We just came across this post on Instagram yesterday from Dog Furiendly. It struck a chord and was highlighting the importance of understanding why some dogs are on leads while ...


RTE 2’s Reality Bites series takes on the story of the Pitbull on Thursday 22nd October at 9.30pm. Not much info on the show – but hopefully it’s a positive reflection of this lovely breed of dog. Let tune in to find out! :)

An objective look at the most dangerous dogs in Ireland, the people who own them and what it feels like to walk the streets accompanied by the toughest dog in the pound.

- RTE2

Link: Reality Bites

TV: Pitbull Reality Bites on RTE2


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