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Meet our dogs! – Ollie, Penny & Charlie, the sausages!

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his is where you can get to know the real brains behind Ollie’s Petcare – our dogs Ollie, Penny & Charlie. They are three little sausage dogs that get stuck into every part of our business. Ollie is the black and tan male and the oldest of the gang. Miss Penny is chocolate and tan and joins us on our daily group walks. Charlie is our baby of the gang at only 2 years old. She joins Penny on walks too and loves exploring. She’s a real live wire but very friendly and loves meeting new dogs & people alike!

The sausages also blog on their own website found here www.ollieandpenny.com – Charlie is a little upset that her name isn’t in the blog title, but she still helps with it! It’s a place where our sausages voice their own thoughts & opinions on topics & products – with a little help from their hoomans! As well as providing and extra platform for Ollie & Penny to help promote our main petcare businesses through product reviews from our boutique, it also is a great source of information & advice for other pet owners. They have an ever growing social media presence on instagram & twitter and also have curated their own line dapper wear for canines – fleece backed bandanas, bow ties and toys!

Ollie the miniature dachshund and the reason we are here! Ollie is a little black & tan sausage dog who came into our lives over 10 years ago! He is our website mascot and many design aspects has been based around him & his cute features.

Ollie has many typical dachshund personality traits and was full of mischief as a puppy. He loved to sunbath in any ray of light he could find as well as chewing up any stray slippers or shows he could get is mouth on. As he grew up he suffered a few set backs through the years and suffered two IVDD episodes with resulted in two operations on his back. He bounced back from these and non of this has hindered his mischievous nature. Even though his mobility has been greatly reduced over the years he still keeps up with his sisters and enjoys nothing more than annoying little Charlie.

Some of his favorite things is sleeping, eating, sleeping and oh eating. He would eat all day if you let him. Any treat, any type of food. Over the ten years we've only found one thing he won't touch - lettuce.

Say hello to Penny! She is Ollie's little sister from another mister and also a cheeky sausage dog! Penny joined our family in September 2013 and quickly became the heart of our little gang.

She's a typical little dachshund girl - very cheeky, energetic, loyal and lovable! She loves joining us for daily walks with her furpals as long as they don't touch her ball. She is ball obsessed. She loves playing fetch and after sleeping & cuddles it is her #1 thing to do! She may be a girl but she's certainly not girlie and has no hesitation bounding into the mucky puddles and racing thought the rain after that ball!

Penny leaves the treat testing to Ollie while she concentrates on testing out all the new toys that arrive in our boutique - she's our head toy analyst - and she does a pawtastic job!
Say a big woof to Charlie! She's the latest addition to our family and is currently two years old (2021) and still acting very much like a puppy! Being the youngest of of the gang she can get away with everything - and she knows it!

She adores cuddles & her cosy blanket which helps her defeat her nemesis - the cold & rain. Unlike Penny she hates the cold, wind, rain and will not step out in it given the choice. She loves to play fetch but bringing the item back is not her strong point. She can get easy distracted by her siblings or a bit of dust if it catches her eye in the light. She's totally mad and we wouldn't have her any other way!

Charlie joins us all for daily walks and also makes our home boarding guests feel very welcome. She loves meeting new furiends and generally gets along with most that she meets - whether big or small. (...lets be honest they are all bigger than her!)

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