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News & Availability Updates for 2017

Mindful March - I'm on a lead because... - Ollie's Petcare - Ireland

Mindful March – I’m on a lead because…. with Dog Furiendly!

We just came across this post on Instagram yesterday from Dog Furiendly. It struck a chord and was highlighting the importance of understanding why some dogs are on leads while ...

Hello there!  Yes i know, it’s a blog update – what the f**k!  I’m sorry we’ve been quite slack at updating our blog here – we have been kept quite busy though over the last few months with Ollie and the boutique and also a new project we’re working on – sshhhh!

For those who are not aware Ollie had another back operation over Christmas/ New Year and is now in recovery as we try our hardest to get his mobility back!  You can catch up an his story so far over on his own website here!

With the start of March (…I know, March, already!) we thought it would be good to take 5 minutes and layout some of the year ahead – or what we know of it already! We have a few dates this year with family occasions both for myself and for Thomas – so we’ll be heading up and down the country a bit.  We’ve popped these dates down below and unfortunately it means we will not be offering any services on these dates. Do note that most of these dates fall around holidays or bank holidays so should not effect the majority of regular bookings at all. 

Can we also note that in this regard it also works both ways. Can we please ask that all clients who know what holidays they are taking later in the year please notify us well in advance. Do remember that we do not over book our services so we do regularly turn away other clients and enquries as we assume regular bookings will be continuing as normal. Last minute notifications of holidays really do leave us in rather awkward situations. Please do think ahead and let us know your plans as much as possible!

So here’s the 2017 calendar thingy:

Upcoming Dates to Note

We have a few dates upcoming this year that we not be able to offer any service on. We’ve outlined these below and would love if you can all pop them in your diary for future reference: 

March 2017
– Friday 24th – Monday 27th inclusive.May 2017
– Saturday 06th
– Saturday 13th
– Saturday 20th

August 2017
– Friday 04th – Tuesday 08th inclusive.

September / October 2017
– Monday 25th Sept – Sunday 08th Oct inclusive.

December 2017
– Friday 15th December – Monday 18th December inclusive

Christmas & New Year 2017 
– Saturday 23rd December ’17 – Sunday 07th January ’18 inclusive.

There will be no scheduled dog walks during the Christmas & New Year holidays.

Festive Pet Sitting & Home Boarding

We are available for pet sitting & home boarding bookings during the above listed Christmas & New Year period. Contact us here for availability.

See our update for December & January for full details on our Christmas holidays & schedule.

If anyone has any questions please do pop us a mail. You can also bookmark our blog page: Blog: /availability/ to make it easier to see all future availability updates! There is also our ‘quick availabilty’ calendar in the top right of the page!

Regards & Woofs,






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