Our annual look back at the last year – 2021!

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Our annual look back at the last year – 2021!

Mindful March - I'm on a lead because... - Ollie's Petcare - Ireland

Mindful March – I’m on a lead because…. with Dog Furiendly!

We just came across this post on Instagram yesterday from Dog Furiendly. It struck a chord and was highlighting the importance of understanding why some dogs are on leads while ...

It’s been a funny old year – AGAIN!  Fingers crossed 2022 will be – back to normal – whatever that is at this point. 👀

We definitely managed to have a lot of fun, laughs & also met some pawsome pets & lovely hoomans thoughout 2021! So we thought we’d take a little minute and do a compilation of our favourite furry clients and the fun throughout the year! Take a look below!

It features Harvey, Dolly, Penny, Lucy, Suzie, Rolo, Rocky, Whiskey, Smokey, as well as Ollie, Penny & Charlie! Fun was had! I hope we can get back some normality soon so we can see all your furry faces! We haven’t updated our Youtube page in a long time – but we’re getting back into it – seeing as we have the time!

This was originally posted on our Instagram here.


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