Covid-19 Update – Ollie’s Petcare

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Covid-19 Update – Ollie’s Petcare

Mindful March - I'm on a lead because... - Ollie's Petcare - Ireland

Mindful March – I’m on a lead because…. with Dog Furiendly!

We just came across this post on Instagram yesterday from Dog Furiendly. It struck a chord and was highlighting the importance of understanding why some dogs are on leads while ...

Update 10th April 2021:

So level5 has been extended to May 5th but with a number of restrictions lifting in between then, depending on the status of the country with covid. Full details can be found here.

Regarding Ollie’s Petcare, we are now fully reopened for dog walking & pet sitting services. Our home boarding services isn’t open yet but will be soon when feel its safe to do so.

If you have any questions or an enquiry do get in touch with us here!

As always, stay safe!



Update 08th March 2021:

Back once again with an extension to our level 5 lockdown until at least April 05th. I tad unexpected this time as I definitely thought they would lift more restrictions. I’m hoping restrictions will begin lifting soon though for us all and in that vein we are starting back to some walks & services from today.

It’s a not a decision we’ve taken lightly and we’ve always advocated to remain closed & do our bit. Unfortunately we can’t stay closed forever and as an ‘animal welfare’ service we feel we can open safely again at this point. We are now advising anyone thinking about booking any services over the coming months, as we begin to come of lockdown, to get in touch now to arrange details for your pet.

As always, stay safe!



Update 01st February 2021:

Well our level 5 lockdown has been extended until March 05th. This again means we have to remain closed because we are still classed as non-essential. Again we are very upset but also understand that we all have to play our part. We really hope this is the last of our lockdowns going forward. We really all need to get back to normality as soon as possible.

Services will be scheduled to be back from March 08th – as the 05th is a Friday. Please do get in touch if you require bookings from this date.

As always, stay safe!



Update 04th January 2021:

Well, were in lockdown again. Level 5 to be exact, which means we have to close because we are still classed as non-essential. Not going to get into that here – but suffice to say we are gutted but also understand we all have to play our part.

Services are scheduled to be back from February 01st. Please do get in touch if you require bookings from this date.

As always, stay safe!



Update 27st November:

And we’re back!  The Irish government made an announcement tonight that the country will be going back to level 3 from 01st December! This means non-essential businesses can re-open – including us! Yay!  We’ll be back for regular dog walks from December 01st as well as pet sitting. Our home boarding service is remaining closed at present. We’ll be in contact with all regular clients in relation to individual bookings & circumstances.

Stay safe everyone – we can’t wait to see you all again!

Jonathan & gang!


Update 21st October:

Well, we’re closed again. The Irish government made an announcement on Monday night of level 5 lockdown for the entire country from tonight October 21st for 6 weeks until December 06th. Unfortunately we are not classed as an essential service in their eyes and have to close. We are looking into a section of the guidelines entitled ‘Animal Welfare & Related Services’  to see if we can open under this. I know other businesses are opening quoting this section, but until we have clarity on this in relation to dog walking in particular, we feel its safer to stay closed for us, our clients & the public.

We’ll keep you updated! Stay safe and we’ll see you all in December! (…hopefully sooner!)

Jonathan & gang!



Hi everyone! Hope you’re still keeping safe & well! =) We’ve finally had good news in the last government announcement there on Friday, with outdoor workers being allowed back to work from the 18th May!! This means we’ll be planning to start our dog walks again from this date!

We have to note this is subject to change between now and then if the government announce any updates or extensions to the restrictions; including reopening Phoenix Park to traffic; but fingers crossed everything goes to plan and we’ll be seeing you very soon on the 18th for dog walking!! =)

We will of course still be adhering to social distancing guidelines and hope you will help us with keeping to the following guides while we collect/drop off all dogs for walks & home boarding:


  • We’ll be keeping a 2 metres distance between us & you during collection/drop offs and on walks.

This means we will not be entering your home and require clients to send dogs out to us when we call. If you can have your dog ready with their harness for when i arrive that would be great. I will be using my own leashes only going forward.

  • We will be using hand sanitiser frequently during our walks & disinfecting leashes, towels etc.

We will be sanitising our hands before & after pick-ups as well during our walks and through our day as & when necessary.

  • We will not be using gloves or face masks at this point.

The HSE’s advice at the moment is that these are not currently helpful or essential for the general public to use.

  • We will also be trying to minimise our physical contact with your pets.

This is purely a precautionary measure. Although our pets cannot contract or pass Covid-19 on to humans directly, it is still possible to contract it indirectly via petting and rubbing your pet if they have been in contact with someone who has Covid-19.


I hope this all makes sense and I’m sure we can get through the coming weeks and months as easily and safely as possible. I’m aware it has been several weeks since I have last seen many of our clients or your pets. It’s quite a while, especially in our pets world, so if anything has changed in your situation during this time do let me know.

Finally, just a reminder for all our clients; the health & safety of you, your pets and of course myself is our main concern. If you have been in contact with anybody showing symptoms or diagnosed with of Covid 19 it is very important that you let us know as soon as possible so that we can take further precautions for our visits & walks.

Do stay safe and I can’t wait to see all those handsome faces again!


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