Availability Update: Festive Schedule & Holidays 2015

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Availability Update: Festive Schedule & Holidays 2015

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Welcome to the festive season everyone! We’re loving this time of year – getting frosty out in the parks now and hopefully the snow & ice will stay away until we’re all on holidays!

We’ve posted these dates way back in October, but we’d thought we’d give them a separate post to highlight the dates for everyone as Christmas approaches! The main dat to note is we finish for all walking service on the 23rd December 2015. More details can be seen below:

So our current outlook for December & January looks like this:

Dates updated on Monday 23rd November 2015:

  • December 24th – January 08th – inclusive. We are taking festive holidays between these dates, which include 5 bank holidays. Services will commence for regular bookings on Monday 11th Januray 2016.
  • January – No dates to note at the moment except for New Year: January 01st  – 08th inclusive as noted above.

Pet Sitting & Home Boarding

We are available for pet sitting & home boarding bookings during the above listed Christmas & New Year period. Contact us here for availability.

All dates are inclusive. We’ve also added them to all new service calendar below for your convenience.

You can bookmark our blog page: http://www.olliespetcare.com/blog/category/availability/ to make it easier to see all future updates!


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